Kathmandu Kings XI(KKXI) is one of the franchise team of EPL 2 acquired by Tele Holdings Pvt. Ltd. as a legacy of Team Colors X-Factors from EPL. Mr. Sompal Kami has been appointed Marque Player for the team. The backstage team of KKXI is well experienced, motivated and dedicated to win the upcoming EPL 2.

Why Kathmandu Kings XI?

Kathmandu is “The Capital”; and the capital is where the King resides. Kathmandu is the central hub for business and population; for politics and bureaucracy; for struggle and luxury; for everything. Kathmandu has highest population among all the cities creating the largest fan base and supporters for the team.

Kathmandu is the city of temples and monasteries with deep rooted cultural heritage. Kathmandu had been ruled by Kings for more than 1500 years by Lichhavi Kings, Kirat Kings, Malla Kings and Shah Kings; mostly by Malla Kings for more than 500 years.

Malla Kings contributed mostly for the cultural heritage, architectural structures, temples, palace and sculptures associated mostly with Newar Communities. We being the Team Kathmandu, made a small effort to recognize the culture, heritage and apparels through the name, logo and jersey of the team. We honor the Kings who served for this place, fought for this place and died for this place.

When it comes to “Kathmandu”, there cannot be any other word to suit more than “Kings”.


Story behind

The Logo

The King of animal kingdom the  “LION” is the most feared of all the species which is represented in  “Kathmandu Kings XI “  logo.

The logo is derived with the vision of the team “ Fearless “, “ruthless”, never back downs from a fight.

And a King would be incomplete without its crown. A golden crown represents the ultimate true King.

The use of aggressive lion ,use of red color and stylish type design gives the logo a very powerful image with a modern enigma .